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seller inspection grand prairie

Welks Home Inspection Provides seller inspections in Grand Prairie, TX

Thinking of selling your home? Consider a home inspection.

Why? For several reasons.

Condition. Getting your home inspected means you know exactly what’s right and wrong about your homes condition. Fixing problems with your home before putting it on the market means there won’t be any surprises when buyers come looking. Buyers are looking for any reason to bring your asking price down. Don’t give them the ammunition they need to do so.

Confidence. Buyer confidence means more money in your pocket. Buyers who can see a detailed report about what you’re offering will trust you more. They will feel more confident about the purchase they are about to make. It also saves them the hassle and cost of getting your home inspected. A confident buyer will offer more money than a confident one. More confident buyers means a bidding war could get started. This could mean more money in your pocket.

Proof. A home inspection report is a good way to prove to the market that your home is in good condition. That there are no hidden gotchas waiting to snap at unsuspecting buyers. Proof is a powerful sales tool. How many things have you ever bought that had no proof to back up their quality or claims? It’s no different with selling your home. Getting a home inspection is like providing proof that your home is worth what you’re asking for it.

If you’re in the Grand Prairie area and looking for a seller inspection let us get it done. We have tons of experience with seller inspections and know exactly what you need to gain the respect of buyers in your local market. Call now and one of our friendly staff will schedule your seller inspection with a certified, experienced, friendly home inspector that will walk you through the entire process.

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