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buyer inspection grand prairie

Welks Home Inspection offers buyer inspection services in Grand Prairie, TX

Buyer inspections provide peace of mind to home buyers. Think of them as an essential part of purchasing a home. Just because a home looks good on a quick walk through with a realtor doesn’t mean it’s good. Let one of our professional buyer inspectors take a closer look.

Buyers usually are responsible for getting a home inspection. Sellers are usually responsible for repairs noted in the home inspection. If these repairs outweigh the cost of home inspection the buyer makes money on their investment. If they don’t, the buyer still gets the confidence that they are making a sound investment. It’s a win win.

A buyer inspection includes several home systems.

One of those systems is the HVAC system (i.e. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). The inspector will make sure the home’s heating mechanism is functioning and to code. They will also make sure ventilation is free of damage and has a good amount of flow. They will also make sure the air conditioning unit is working properly and cooling adequately.

Another system that is included in the buyer inspection is the plumbing system. The inspector will look at both the exterior and interior of the home’s plumbing. They will look for leaks at joints and in the pipes themselves. They use special cameras to go deep into pipes. This way they are able to inspect all pipes even if they are hard to reach or underground.

Electrical systems are also included in a buyer inspection. The home inspection will insure the home’s electrical components meet code and are in good shape. The inspector will use special equipment to check voltage and other electrical factors to insure the electricity not only functions but is safe for occupancy.

If you’re thinking of buying a home consider giving us a call and schedule a buyer’s inspection. We can give you a quick quote right over the phone. One of our friendly staff will answer all your questions and make sure you understand the entire process. Our goal is your complete satisfaction with your home inspection.

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