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1 year home warranty inspection

Welks Home Inspection does 1 Year Home Warranty Inspection in Grand Prairie, TX

Home warranties require home inspections to prove repairs are warranted. The best time to get your warranty inspection is about a month or so before your home warranty will expire. This way you get the most from your warranty.

A home warranty inspection looks at all the things covered in your home warranty. It identifies repairs that your home warranty covers. For example, if there is damage to your home’s roof like a missing shingle or damage from environmental factors, a home warranty inspection would record the damage. You then could use the home warranty inspection report to make a claim against your warranty.

There are several things an inspector looks for in a 1 year warranty inspection for new home construction. Drainage is something that can be damaged within the first year so it makes the list. The inspector will inspect that water is draining from the property correctly and not causing any damage to the roof, gutters, or foundation. The home inspector will also make sure there is no drainage getting into the home. Another thing this type of home inspection looks for is wiring, switches, and fixtures. Sometimes these things are installed wrong or get damaged during construction. Our experienced inspectors know what to look for and will include any damage they find in their 1 year warranty inspection report.

So to keep from having to make costly repairs that could have been covered by your warranty it’s imperative that you have a licensed, trained, experienced home inspector look over the condition of your home and identify any repairs that are needed. This way your home can be restored and your wallet can be left alone.

Is your home warranty about to expire? If so, call now and one of our friendly home inspectors will walk you down the path to getting your 1 year home warranty inspection.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!